Nikon 7600 инструкцию

У нас вы можете скачать "Nikon 7600 инструкцию" в RTF, HTML, AZW3, EPUB, PDF, DJVU, TCR, PRC, TXT, FB2, CHM, DOC, LIT, МОВІ, LRF, JAR, isilo! For more information on installing PictureProject and transferring pictures to your computer, see the Quick Start Guide and the PictureProject Reference Manual on CD. Be sure that the bat- tery-chamber cover is properly latched. Cancel and return to previous Display sub-menu, menu, or move cursor left. File number Select a voice recording. This man- ual has been written nikon 7600 инструкцию help you enjoy taking pictures with your Nikon digital camera. Viewing Pictures On The Camera, More On Playback More on Playback Viewing Pictures on the Camera Viewing Multiple Pictures: Playback Volume The controls of the voice recording playback are displayed at the top of the mon- itor; press the multi selector left or right to highlight a control, and press I to perform the selected operation. Dateityp Kurzel Erweiterung Q Original Foto DSCN. Das Kurzel fur den Bildtyp wird von der Kamera nicht eingeblendet, wird aber sichtbar, wenn das Bild auf einen Computer ubertragen wird. If the UC-E6 USB cable is used to connect the camera to a printer that supports PictBridge, pictures can be printed directly from the memory or memory card without having to be transferred to a computer. Es wird die rechts abgebildete Sicherheitsabfrage eingeblendet. While the picture is zoomed in, you can save a cropped copy of the pic- ture that contains only the portion of nikon 7600 инструкцию image visi- ble in the monitor. Max rec time WAV 42 Sprachnotiz DSCN, SSCN, RSCN, FSCN.

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